Bad Girls Club ( Uncut )

Speaking of filming amateur sex, the Tanisha broad from Bad Girls Club season 2 got a lil sex tape out lmao. She does the works starting with the raw bop. She not even famous so you know nobody broke in her house to steal it, so I know one of them leaked it. I believe it was the nigga so he could try and get a show on BET and a complimentary 500 followers just because you had sex with someone on t.v. It was pure comedy watching her lick her own tits because you can’t help but notice her Gucci Mane gut lls. At the end of the day it was quite disgusting but you have to see it to laugh for your own (DON’T FAKE LIKE 70% OF YALL WONT WATCH IT NEITHER). I also noticed that kids were clearly heard outside the window. Why was the window open though? Probably to keep the room cool after all the hot free amateur porn..

To see the video click the link :–celebrity-fit-club-alleged-amateur-adult-tape-hits-the-net


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